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    22 Little Things That Ruin Every Nurse's Day

    We're trying to save lives! We don't have time to deal with laundry bags!

    1. When you have to fish out all of this crap from out of your coat pockets:

    2. When the laundry pile, of all things, is overflowing and you have to change out the laundry bags.

    3. When everyone seems to think you have six arms and can be everywhere at once.

    4. When cannulas and syringes won't open like they're @#$%&!ing SUPPOSED TO.

    5. When the fitted covers for the hospital beds don't fit.

    6. Trying to decipher all the little notes you leave for yourself on your hands.

    7. When this happens:

    8. When it's not clear what the stains on your pants are from.

    9. When the person on the shift before yours forgets to refill the care cart (again!).

    10. When new colleagues ask where the right-handed gloves are kept.

    11. When it seems like time just doesn't pass on the night shift.

    12. When you throw your gloves in the wash again.

    13. All of the terrific food that the hospital cafeteria has to offer.

    14. When it's your turn to do the washing up.

    frau_zulle / Via

    15. When you use disinfectant after scraping your hand.

    16. Encountering this kind of chaos:

    17. When your favorite pair of scrubs starts to fall apart.

    18. When the cannula bin fills up and you KNOW it was definitely a doctor who left it that way.

    19. When you play the same game every day.

    20. When people who aren't nurses think you just drink coffee and wipe butts all day.

    21. When a patient pretends that they "accidentally" pushed the emergency call button.

    22. When you have a date but still come in for an emergency.

    This post was translated from German.

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