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    24 Products From Germany The Rest Of The World Never Asked For

    There's a magical store in Germany called Tchibo and they're working on a whole other level.

    1. The Energy Frog, which is sure to solve all your problems.

    2. The Kiwi-to-Go Box, because how else would you transport a kiwi? Carry it?

    3. The Sprint Parachute, because why not make your morning jog even more difficult than it already is.

    4. The Dust Sword, because cleaning should be an adventure.

    5. The Coffee Mug Holder for your bike, because nothing quenches thirst like hot coffee.

    6. The Banana Slicer, because using a knife isn't efficient enough.

    7. Or this Windshield Wiper Blade Trimmer, because apparently that's a thing?

    8. The Butter Stamp, because you've gotta do something to give your life a little more meaning.

    9. The Yoga-Block. Look how comfortable she looks!

    10. The Lotion Application Aid, because you shouldn't have to reach for a well-moisturized back.

    11. This Citrus Sprayer, which I guarantee you does not work.

    12. The Secure Wallet, which in no way will make you look like a huge dork.

    13. The Display Cleaning Pen, for anyone who finds that wiping their phones on their shirt is too convenient.

    14. Ladies' Gardening Shears, because women can't handle A MAN'S gardening shears.

    15. Matching "Storm Hoods", because the family that robs together, stays together.

    16. Emergency Tights, with helpful phrases on them to show off that you really never intended to be seen in them.

    17. This pan, which includes a little extra slot for a test piece.

    18. A Potato Trident, to hold your potato while you're peeling it.

    19. This LED-powered multicolored fake candle powered by an app. Because the one thing candles needed was an app.

    20. This Finger Trainer, because your finger strength is embarrassing and everyone at the gym keeps laughing at you.

    21. And last but not least, this Counting Bottle Opener, which shames you for having that third beer.