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26 Secrets That Firefighters Won't Tell You

Firefighters = real life superheroes.

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1. The fact is, firefighters don't need a wardrobe.

__maex_ / Via

2. They always have everything lying around somewhere.

__maex_ / Via

3. And the rest comes in a locker.

pidy112 / Via

4. They always get the best views.

5. Because when they hang out, it looks like this.

wildi_be / Via

6. Firefighters know that good boots can save the day.

__njulian__ / Via

7. And that the only good helmet is a battered helmet.

minihassel / Via

8. And only firefighters know what their comrades really look like under their helmets after a run.

feuerwehr_blumberg / Via

9. This is what a selfie looks like for them.

_mefun_ / Via

10. But in real life, they actually look quite different.

Instagram: @michelle__zi

11. They have their own fitness program.

josy_kopp / Via

12. And it's pretty damn intense.

feuerwehr_baden / Via

13. Sometimes, when they're not fighting fires and saving lives, they spend their breaks like this.

firefightermaryy / Via

14. But, other times, they spend their breaks a little more conventionally.

Instagram: @sprechwunsch

15. Firefighters can tie any knot in their sleep.

firefightermaryy / Via

16. And only they will be able to appreciate the beauty that is this perfectly coiled water hose.

sprechwunsch / Via

17. They've got some pretty hefty equipment.

andreas_scheuten / Via

18. And they know what everything does.

christoher_sa / Via

19. THAT is a desk.

michel_vones / Via

20. But with all that machinery and equipment, someone's got to help keep the firehouse clean and organized!

Instagram: @fabiankirsch112

21. Firefighters can work anywhere.

bilderbuchwetter / Via

22. And they aren't afraid to look down.

nilsottinger / Via

23. The best car rides are the ones you spend with your comrades.

Instagram: @le_na1006

24. And there's nothing more beautiful than the bond a firefighter shares with his brothers (and sisters, too!).

Instagram: @german

25. Firefighters are real life superheroes and role models.

Instagram: @lennysmom

26. And they are always there, whenever they are needed.

Instagram: @sprechwunsch

This post was translated from German.

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