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All Restaurant And Foodservice Workers Will Flinch Over These 21 Pictures


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1. When you're greeted in the early morning by this oh-so-welcome sight:

2. When you want to leave right after your shift and THIS HAPPENS:

3. When someone cleans the deep fryer but forgets the most important part:

4. When THIS happens:

5. And this:

6. When a first-timer tries to melt butter:

7. And when your worst nightmare happens:

8. ...Leaving your pots looking like this:

9. ...And forcing you to spend your break like this:

10. When someone tells the delivery guy "Just put it all in the freezer, and we'll figure it out later:"

11. When the waitstaff is apparently taking a goddamn nap:

12. ...And when they go into overdrive at the end of the night:

13. When someone pulls this shit:

14. Or this:

15. When lids get misplaced:

16. And when someone leaves the cling wrap like this:

17. Or when someone forgets about the basic properties of plastic:

18. Or when someone leave your knives like this:

19. And the dishes like this:

20. When someone tries to cook potatoes like this:

21. And finally, when you just need the little bowl, but they're all stacked like this:


This post was translated from German.

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