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    21 Of The Most WTF Handyman Fails

    Only the most practical of solutions.

    1. This very useful sink.

    2. This well-thought-out staircase.

    3. The pragmatic setup of this kitchen.

    4. This balcony that only Flat Stanley could actually utilize.

    5. This noble attempt to find the perfect spot for the electrical socket.

    6. This pitched roof.

    7. This guy who didn't quite get the original measurements right.

    8. Or this guy who didn't even have a plan for these lights.

    9. Clearly the best spot for a radiator.

    10. Every perfectionist's worst nightmare.

    11. This handrail.

    12. Or maybe this one.

    Facebook: PfuschAmBauGmbh

    This is a lawsuit just waiting to happen.

    13. WHAT. THE. FUCK??

    14. I mean, seriously. Who designed this shit?!

    15. Meanwhile, back in Flat Stanley's house...

    16. The guy who took the "duct tape fixes everything" line a bit too seriously.

    17. This drain (and EVERYTHING ELSE about this photo).

    18. This wannabe abstract art (???)

    19. The placement of this window shade.

    20. This mailbox for your neighborhood mail carrier/elf.

    21. And this horrifying laminate flooring.

    This post was translated from German.

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