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26 Photos People Who Don't Like To Eat In Bed Will Never Understand

Food + bed = absolute bliss.

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7. But in reality, it actually looks like this:

I wish @Nadeshot streamed more. I need something to watch while eating chips ahoy in bed

8. You just hate it when someone takes a picture of you while you're eating in bed.

RT imSethy: @LegendaryLeaTV breakfast in bed is my specialty. If you like oven baked chips.


15. You dream of moving the microwave to your bedroom.

im hungry but my noodles are all the way next to the microwave and im too comfortable and lazy to go make them


23. You hate having to sit up straight when your friends want to video chat.

@kxmktm ist nur ganz dezent verfressen ❤️❤️


25. When you eat in bed, you block out everything that isn't related to food or your bed.

Im Bett Lebkuchen essen während Mrs. Speedy Sport macht 👍🏻

This post was translated from German.