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    17 Everyday Tasks You Didn't Know You Were Doing Wrong

    Finally, a use for that staple remover you inexplicably still have.

    1. You dunk Oreo cookies with your fingers.

    How you should be doing it: Use a fork! The cookie gets a proper dunking, and your fingers stay clean and dry.

    2. You always pry open your key ring with your fingernails. /

    How you should be doing it: It is so much easier with the teeth of your staple remover. (Finally, your staple remover is useful for something!) Give your fingernails a break.

    3. You always crack open pistachios with your fingernails too.

    How you should be doing it: Just use a pistachio shell. They're up to the task and (once again) you can spare your fingernails.

    4. You struggle to open jars or resort to using a towel, which rarely ever works.

    How you should be doing it: Stretch a thick rubber band around the lid to get a better grip, then it's a simple twist to get it open.

    5. You peel kiwi fruit with a knife. /

    How you should be doing it: Cut the end off and use a spoon to separate the fruit from the fuzzy skin in one piece.

    6. When you're using a drill, you either worry about cleaning up the dust later or you use a vacuum attachment to suck it up.

    Getty Images /

    How you should be doing it: Just stick a folded post-it note to the wall under where you're drilling. You don't have to fuss with a vacuum, and the post-it adhesive is usually safe for walls and paint.

    7. You use scissors to open blister packs. /

    How you should be doing it: A can opener works astonishingly well.

    8. You peel oranges with your fingers.

    Getty Images /

    How you should be doing it: Cut off the ends of the orange, just as deep as the skin goes. Then create a shallow cut all the down the orange skin and open up the orange, leaving all the pieces neatly on the strip of skin, ready to be picked off and eaten.

    9. You squeeze lemons with your hands.

    How you should be doing it: Use a pair of pasta or grill tongs. Cut the lemon in half, stick in in the tongs, and squeeze. Boom! Freshly squeezed lemon juice without getting your hands dirty.

    10. You remove cheap stickers just with your hand.

    How you should be doing it: Use a hair dryer on a hot setting to loosen up the sticker before you try to peel it off.

    11. You just wrap a Band-Aid around your finger.

    How you should be doing it: Cut the bandaid lengthways on either side of the pad. Now you can crisscross the four ends over one another for a more secure and comfortable fit.

    12. You carelessly hang your shirts from the collar.

    Getty Images /

    How you should be doing it: A lot of shirts have a loop on the back for this exact purpose. Use that!

    13. You hold your wine glass from the bowl.

    How you should be doing it: Always hold your wine glass by the stem, regardless of the type of wine you're drinking. It not only helps keep your beautiful wine glasses from getting smudged, but it'll help you avoid warming up your wine with your hands.

    14. You adjust your side mirrors in too far, creating blind spots.

    How you should be doing it: Angle your side mirrors out further. You don't need to see the back of your own car in your mirrors... you need to make sure you have good coverage, especially in your blind spots.

    15. You cut cherry tomatoes one by one. /

    How you should be doing it: Take two plates or plastic lids and put as many cherry tomatoes as you can between them. Hold the top lid down securely, and run a knife through the tomatoes, slicing all of them at once.

    16. You hang your toilet paper hanging towards the back.

    CC BY-SA / Twitter: @OroroPro

    How you should be doing it: According to the patent from 1891, the roll should be facing out.

    17. You peel your banana from the stem.

    How you should be doing it: Try peeling it from the other end in two pieces. It's a lot easier and doesn't damage the fruit inside.

    This post was translated from German.

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