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28 GIFs That Explain The Whole Entire World

Explanations for everything that you had no idea needed explaining!

1. Ever wonder how traffic jams happen? Keep an eye on the red cars:

2. This is how fluids flow through your throat when you swallow something:

3. Here's how a pine cone opens up:

4. And this is how popcorn pops:

5. This is how an ant walks:

6. And now you know how a door lock works:

7. This is how the inside of a body changes during pregnancy:

8. Here's a slo-mo, close-up shot of a dog drinking, just in case you didn't know how that works:

9. And here's what that looks like in an X-ray:

10. Do you actually know how a zipper closes?

11. And do you know how your mozzarella is made?

12. This one is for all of you who never mastered parallel parking:

13. And here's a fork becoming a fork:

14. Want some fresh macaroni?

15. How about some nice fusilli?

16. And not to save the best pasta for last, but here's how pasta shells are made:

17. Here are some waffle cones for you to enjoy next summer:

18. This is how ships get through the Panama Canal:

19. Here's how paper clips are produced:

20. And this is how particles move on a wave:

21. Here's how chicken wire is manufactured:

22. And here's a machine making pretzels:

23. Not that this makes it any more clear, but here's how a sewing machine works:

24. Here's what your Wi-Fi signal looks like spreading through your apartment:

25. This is how a gearshift works on a car:

26. And this is how your hangers are made:

27. Ever wonder how the air nozzle on your bike tire works?

28. And last but not least, here's how Michael Jackson always managed to be such a smooth criminal: