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Ugandan Army Takes Over Beauty Pageant

War can be beautiful, right? In a fairly unprecedented move, the Ugandan army is planning to take over the nation's Miss Uganda beauty contest to attract young people to...the agricultural sector?

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The fairly absurd move was justified by Ugandan presidential advisor, Gen. Caleb Akandwanaho, claiming the idea is intended to "attract young people into the agricultural sector", adding the move may help to solve the "problems of hunger and poverty among the youth of the country". Though, many believe a move like this will only increase corruption in an area of the world already prone to corrupt governmental behavior.

How this will work exactly to benefit the country is yet to be seen, but it's not the first time a nation's military has put on some type of beauty pageant. Russia has been holding the Miss Russian Army pageant for quite some time now, though, not for 'agricultural' purposes. Here are a few photos to prove I am not making this up.

English Russia / Via
English Russia / Via
English Russia / Via
English Russia / Via
Free Thought Nation / Via

Don't really know who won (or if one really "wins" at all), but who cares?

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