31 Houses With Epic Views You Only Find In Seattle

People who aren’t from Seattle just don’t get it. “Why would you ever want to live somewhere with 180 rainy days a year?” Cause we have epic views like this:.

1. 1. Neider’s Residence, Lake WA

7. 5. Mercer Island Cozy

This is a $2M remodel, after a fire in 2008

10. 6. Woodway Manor

French country style.
Woodway, WA

12. 7. Casa del Sol, Friday Harbor

Friday Harbor, WA

Ok the San Juans are a bit of stretch. Not really Seattle. But they’re insanely beautiful, and close enough, so we’re counting them.

Belltown High-rise, Downtown

24. 12. The Woods Outback, Issaquah

Floor to ceiling glass

25. 13. Cedar Haven, Carnation, WA

The Seattle version of outdoor living.

27. 14. Fairhaven, Richmond Beach

28. 15. Urban Getaway, Downtown

30. 16. Lakefront Splendor

Mercer Island, WA

31. 17. Southern Renovation

Mercer Island, WA

33. 19. Courtyard House, Medina

Courtyard House

34. 20. Lake Wenatchee retreat

There’s an awesome secret room behind that bookcase. (Click on the pic to see it in the tour!)

35. 21. Chelan

Ok definitely not Seattle, but gotta call Chelan out because the views are epic.

40. 24. Holmes Point

Kirkland, WA

41. 25. Four Seasons Residence, Downtown

49. 28. Crystal and Bricks

Tacoma, WA

50. 29. Lakeshore, Mercer Island

53. 31. Wing Point House

Bainbridge Island, WA

Click on any of the photos for a full tour of the house on Porch

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