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    Why Summer Is Actually The Worst

    You think you love summer, but you don't.

    Remember when it was winter and you were like, "OMG, I can't wait for summer!"

    And then the flowers started blooming in spring and summer felt closer than ever.

    But then you realize, summer is actually THE WORST.

    First of all, you spend an entire four months constantly sweating.

    You can forget about sleeping comfortably.

    Ice cream is supposed to be a summer treat, but it's actually just a mess.

    Wait, but going to the beach will be great!

    In theory, you and your loved one are going to have a lovely, playful time.

    In reality, your day will go something like this.

    And you'll end up coming home looking like this.

    You will live in constant fear of your armpits.

    Remember these garbage bags that weren't such a big deal in the winter?

    Well, now they are the bane of your existence.

    You think attending a baseball game will add a little spice to your summer.

    But it's so boring, the players don't even want to be there.

    Maybe a dip in the pool with your friends will bring some summer fun?

    But your friends are actually jerks.

    Fall can't get here soon enough.