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    • mauraj

      I just checked the prologue… there is no mention of 10 years.Ithink we’re supposed to assume he’s 16, or somewhere around there. So he would only spend about5years asabeast, which would still suck, but your argument is no longer valid… So that would mean that Chip could be between the ages of6and 8. To answer the portrait picture… all disney princes look like they’re 30 even when they’re 16. It’s the same thing as the OC where all the teenagers are played by grown adults. To answer the “how did they forget about him/not know about him?” question… the castle was cursed! If someone came across it they didn’t remember because the curse wiped any memory of nobility. The clothing… really… that’saquestion…? They’re inaroyal castle with junk everywhere… there’s bound to be some nice clothing somewhere…