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21 Times Tumblr Was Way Too Real About Sexting

"Talk finance to me."

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1. This example of why multitasking while sexting never works.

2. This helpful AF guide to emoji sexts.

🍷🐢🍀💤🍕Slow drinks then later, if you're lucky, we can get pizza.


Slow drinks then later, if you're lucky, we can get pizza.

3. This ACTUALLY sexy conversation.

4. This realistic goal setter.

5. This sexting master.

6. This sexter who looks good from any angle.

7. This tasty encounter.

8. This legit request.

9. This look back at what sexting was like pre-iPhone.

"Ist thou up?"

10. This time when honesty was the best policy.

11. And this time when honesty was the most savage policy.

12. This foolproof way to make sure your sexting game is on point.

13. This awkward example of why autocorrect can't be trusted as a wingman.

14. This how-to guide for when you're not in the damn mood for that shit.

15. This super sexy PJ talk.

16. Or this hella HD bra chat.

17. This example of why group projects are just the absolute worst.

18. This abrupt convo ender.

19. This GIF which is waaaaayyyyyy too real.

20. This sneaky manoeuvre.

21. And this incredibly awkward moment.