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    PSA: The Upside-Down Smile Is The Greatest New Emoji

    Sorry unicorn, taco and cheese emoji, there's a new favourite in town.

    In the latest update to our emoji library, one quiet achiever has ousted every other new addition to become the best of the best. We're talking about upside-down face:

    Look at how perfect it is. Why is it upside-down? Is it mad at me?? Is it upset??? Is it glad to be here??????? We have so many questions.

    According to emojipedia:

    Don't believe us? Here's a few scenarios to illustrate just how perfect upside-down face is in everyday life.

    When your parents are concerned about you.

    When you get those ~special~ late-night texts.

    When you want to be passive aggressive AF.

    When you need a favour.

    When you run into someone you have a huge crush on and try to play it cool.

    And when said hottie wants to catch up.

    When you want to be subtle about needing a quick exit.

    When you're on the other side of the world.

    Or when you've had a long day/a bad day/a great day/you're bored/you're thirsty...

    Use it wisely, use it often, use it well.