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21 Times The Internet Got Way Too Real About Being A Third Wheel

"Come with us," they said, "It'll be fun!" they said.

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1. When you realise you're basically relationship training wheels.

2. When your BFF and you are basically one person, until they start seeing someone else and 1+1=3.

3. When you remember that celebrities can be just like us!

Walking alone, behind couples.

Walking alone, behind couples.

4. When you need some motivational advice.

5. And when you figure out the perfect hack to get the best seat in the house.

6. When it all gets too real.

7. When you're alone as hell but glam AF.

8. And when you're the best damn dressed wheel, you don't need no damn date.

9. When you realise you're going to have to make plans with OTHER PEOPLE?

10. When you're trying to join in the conversation but the sidewalk is like, "nah".

11. When there's a dress code.

12. When life's a beach.

13. When you realise one of the most famous wizards was also a massive third wheel.

14. When you remember you have to split your fries three ways.

15. When you think to yourself, "One day owl have someone to love."

16. When you need to get ahold of the situation at hand.

17. When your love life isn't a game.

Are you the wheelbarrow from Monopoly bc you're such a third wheel?

18. When you introduce two friends and BAM you're a FRIENDSHIP THIRD WHEEL?!?

When you introduce your two best friends to each other and they get along a little too much

Like, excuse me, but without me you'd be NOTHING – stop getting along so well.

19. When you're sick of your love life being a dog's breakfast.

20. When you just want some puppy love of your very own.

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21. And when you remember that even though being a third wheel can be tough... least you're not a fifth wheel. least you're not a fifth wheel.