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    You Need To See The Full-Length "Tomorrow When The War Began” Series Trailer

    "...I think we're at war?"

    ABC3 has released a full-length trailer for their upcoming six-part series Tomorrow When The War Began.

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    Based on John Marsden's iconic novels, the series follows a group of mates who find themselves in the middle of a hostile takeover of Australia.

    The teenagers are forced to grow up pretty quickly when they realise that they're the only ones left with the ability to save the things they love most.

    The cast is full of Aussie newcomers like Molly Daniels, Narek Arman, Jon Prasida, Madeleine Clunies-Ross, Madeleine Madden, Andrew Creer, Fantine Banulski, and Keith Purcell.

    Basically, April 23 can't come soon enough.