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Here's Everything You Missed On "MKR" This Week

Once more with feeling.

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Look, just on a personal note for the three of you that read these (hi Mum!), this is my last recap. I love you, you're all 10/10 dishes.

That being said, LET'S GET CRACKING.

1. Someone said "Beetlejuice" three times, so Josh appeared on the boat alongside #PoorAmy to take on the screamin' sisters, Kelsey and Amanda, in the cruise ship sudden death.


3. Meanwhile the sisters were having an intense conversation about... literally anything.

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THEY TALK SO MUCH. And that's coming from ME, someone who got told to be quiet 15 minutes into a three-hour road trip!!! (You knew what you were getting yourself into, James.)


10. By the dessert round, the sisters' spirits were pretty broken, and it was awful.

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Kelsey and Amanda were loud, but always lovely, and their food was usually at a high standard!

Sadly, they only scored 26/60 while Josh and Amy scraped by with a total of 28/60.

11. Next was the SAUCE CHALLENGE! Teams had to make a sauce, and the winning one would be sold in stores. The guest judge for this challenge was Curtis Stone. Take it away, Thirsty Mama Val:


15. Amy and Tyson were wearing their hats backwards and, guys I'm sorry, but I love these two so much.

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18. While Curtis visited Josh and Amy's station he noticed their chicken was pretty much done. Josh was like "nah" and kept cooking it. TURNS OUT THEIR CHICKEN WAS OVERCOOKED LMAO.


22. While the teams cooked, Josh stood on the sidelines running his big, beautiful fish mouth.

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Remember how he believes he's in a feud with Court and Duncan, but in reality Court and Duncan just think he's a dickhead like LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET? Well, Big Boy Joshy wouldn't shut up and everyone got sick of his shit...

26. The desserts weren't as bad as both teams feared, but Court and Duncan were victorious. Mell and Cyn scored 34/60, while the happy hipsters nabbed a whopping 50/60!

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It was sad to see the busy business women go, they were brilliant competitors who hated everyone else on the show and I loved them for it.

27. Also look at this comparison of scores from Court and Duncan and their Seafood King nemesis from the week's sudden death rounds.

34. The married heterosexuals ran into a bit of trouble with their beef cheeks. If you listened carefully, I'm pretty sure you could hear one of the producers saying, "are those two part of the show? Do they just live on this street?"

36. Despite all that, Tim and Kyle were the people's choice for the day, making them the big winners.

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Sadly for the footy friends, Mark and Chris, they will be returning to Kitchen HQ to face the married heterosexuals for a sudden death cook-off next week.


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