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Who Is This Man And Why Did He Show Up To The Arias Dressed Like A Deconstructed Swan?

What is happening here, please explain.

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And this is how Charles arrived at the Arias.

Graham Denholm / Getty Images

No, those three greased-up babes are not Charles. Charles is behind the greased-up babes in the big thing that looks like a vase everyone's mum owns.


Graham Denholm / Getty Images

Born onto the red carpet like some kind of glamorous deconstructed swan, we just have a few burning questions. Mainly: huh?

While this glamorous AF reveal is damn fabulous, we just want to understand a little more. Who are those dudes? What was he standing in? A cocoon? Are those dudes friends of his? Is that a bodysuit? Why doesn't he have white boots?? Did he hire those dudes??? Where does one hire three buff dudes to help guide around your SwanPod?


Here's Charles in action.

Wentworth and the cocoon entourage #ARIAs red carpet

Honestly there are still so many unanswered questions.

Graham Denholm / Getty Images

Who are those men??? What does Charles do!? Is this a statement? Is he a swan? An angel? A vase??!!? Will that man on the far left call me???

According to his Facebook page, Charles is a singer and YES he's related to Matt Corby but that still leaves 9858 questions unanswered.


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