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24 Times Australians Were A Gift The Internet Didn't Deserve

"Australians don't have sex. Australians mate."

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1. This Wi-Fi war.

2. Or this Emu War.

4. This Maltesers chat.

5. Colin and Bernice's hot weekend plans.

6. This time Australians revealed our most important love story.

8. These party-lovers.

10. This time the world found out about our delicacies.

11. This poorly thought-out surprise.

12. This guy's Woolies rant that was somewhat familiar.

13. This pun that went from a 10 to a 100.

14. This damn relatable bird.

15. This ingenious teen.

16. This fun fact.

17. These people who wouldn't win a Popeularity contest.

19. This tale of a not chocolate.

20. This depiction of summer.

22. This mind-blowing nonsense.

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