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    24 Times Australians Were A Gift The Internet Didn't Deserve

    "Australians don't have sex. Australians mate."

    1. This Wi-Fi war.

    2. Or this Emu War.

    3. This headline.

    4. This Maltesers chat.

    5. Colin and Bernice's hot weekend plans.

    6. This time Australians revealed our most important love story.

    7. This driver with worrying priorities.

    8. These party-lovers.

    9. This smackdown from down under.

    10. This time the world found out about our delicacies.

    11. This poorly thought-out surprise.

    12. This guy's Woolies rant that was somewhat familiar.

    13. This pun that went from a 10 to a 100.

    14. This damn relatable bird.

    15. This ingenious teen.

    16. This fun fact.

    17. These people who wouldn't win a Popeularity contest.

    18. This respect we have for our nation's leaders.

    Twitter: Twitter: @matttburke / Via Reddit: 2v2aqd /

    19. This tale of a not chocolate.

    20. This depiction of summer.

    21. This immensely worrying helmet situation.

    Imgur: JenTen / Via

    22. This mind-blowing nonsense.

    23. This Australian Horror Story.

    24. And this beautiful "like new" vase someone was trying to sell.

    Imgur: SultanOfSchwing / Via

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