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The "Stranger Things" Opening Credits Have Been Mashed With "Round The Twist" And It's Iconic

When Stranger Things happen are you going round the twist?

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By now you must be well acquainted with the opening sequence for Stranger Things.

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In the short opening titles, the series evokes the works of John Carpenter and Stephen King. Opening titles are crazy like that.

Well Aussie fans of Stranger Things are about to get hit in the guts with some nostalgia after seeing this amazing side-by-side recreation of the Round the Twist credits.

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Seriously, it's so well done. The title credits have been tweaked to include the legit details for the Netflix series.

While also replicating the look and feel of Round the Twist.

But it's not just the theme song slapped onto some clips, the perfect moments have been lovingly grabbed and used in the exact right parts.

Now good luck getting that damn song out of your head for the rest of the day.