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This Alarm Clock Invention Will Slap You Out Of Bed

The Wake-up Machine is slapsolutely fabulous.

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Simone Giertz had a genius idea to solve the eternal struggle of getting out of bed in the morning: A clock that slaps you in the face!

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Like all of us, Simone understands the worst part about getting out of bed is that BEDS ARE AWESOME.

So she took a fake hand...

...and reading the signals from a regular alarm clock, hooked it up to a motor.

Creating this dream-ruining monster:

No more sleep-ins with this beast by your bedside!

But it wasn't all smooth sailing for Giertz...

"Sorry I can't come into work today, my hair is attached to my alarm clock..."

Luckily, she was able to free herself to continue her EXCELLENT inventions.

Give yourself a high-five.

Check out Simone's YouTube channel for more of her amazing work.