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17 Aussie Slang Terms That Americans Should Start Using

Have a crack at some tops Aussie phrases.

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What it means: Unpredictable, unruly, or uncouth.

Usage: "Listen, I know you're going out with Amy tonight and I just want you to behave. I know what a loose unit she can be."

"Mum, she only pissed on that electric fence to see what would happen; it wasn't her fault she killed all those sheep."


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What it means: Everything will be fine.

Usage: "The car's making a really weird noise – should we check it out?"

"Nah, she'll be right."

"OK but there's smoke coming out of the fr–"



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What it means: To throw a tantrum.

Usage: "No, Daniel, we're not getting drive-through Macca's. Last time we did you spit the dummy and embarrassed us both."


"You're 26, Daniel. Drive yourself."


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What it means: The really satisfying dump you do after a big, boozy night out.

Usage: "I'm telling you now, don't go in the downstairs loo for at least an hour. I just did the biggest grog bog and honestly the wallpaper peeled a little."



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What it means: To slack off during school or work.

Usage: "Fuck this, I'm not working with a hangover. I'm just gonna bludge until lunch, then come back and complain about everyone else bludging until 5pm."



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What it means: Severe and sudden diarrhoea.

Usage: "There I was at the pub, digging into a steak and chips, when I got an attack of the flying axe handles. Almost filled my own bloody shoe."


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What it means: A red irritation of the skin usually caused by making out with someone with a beard or stubble.

Usage: "For fuck's sake, Sonia, we're about to go to church – could you at least cover up your bloody pash rash, for Christ?"



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What it means: You're hilarious / you're drunk / you're a moron / you're a legend / you're in trouble / you're twisted / you're brilliant.

Usage: "You're fucked, mate. You are truly fucked."