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    24 Bars In Singapore To Visit Before You Die

    Singapore's bar scene ain't no Singa-bore.

    1. The Cufflink Club

    Instagram: @chapterelf

    When it comes to creative cocktails, The Cufflink Club has several surprises tucked up its sleeves. Located on Jiak Chuan Road near Outram Park MRT, Cufflink Club will lure you in with their quirky concoctions, like the "Jiak the Ripper", a gin-based cocktail featuring a "Whitechapel surprise" frozen into the solitary cube of ice, to the Alan Partridge audiobook piped into the bathrooms.

    2. The Library

    Instagram: @missmandyy

    Commonly known as "Singapore's worst-kept secret", The Library is a small bar, hidden away on Keong Saik Road, but to gain entry you'll need the password. There are a few methods to gain the secret code (hint: just try Facebook), and once you've gained access to the speakeasy you'll be greeted with a robust cocktail menu ranging from a Foursome in the Jungle, to a Hot Tub Thyme Machine.

    3. Jigger & Pony

    Located on Amoy Street, just near Telok Ayer MRT, Jigger & Pony is a love letter to the bars of the 19th century. Breaking down their cocktails into the categories of classic, vintage, and signatures, Jigger & Pony also serve punch bowls (the Zombie bowl promises to "turn you into a zombie for the entire week") catering to 15-20 people.

    4. 28 HongKong Street

    Instagram: @fscastro

    Much like the complete lack of info on their website, there isn't much to glean from the sign-less façade of 28 HongKong Street. Armed only with the address, the deliberately lacking shopfront entrance gives way to a humming New York-style bar that has been named one of the World's 50 Best Bars.

    5. Bitters & Love

    Another spot just near Telok Ayer MRT, Bitters & Love takes classic Singaporean sips and puts a unique spin on them. Handcrafted cocktails that bring you the flavours of Singapore, with a buzzing atmosphere and pumping tunes. The only thing you'll be asking yourself is... can I move in?

    6. Operation Dagger

    Instagram: @nazarjuna

    No, you haven't just walked into an Aesop store, Operation Dagger is a small bar that looks like it was lifted directly from your fanciest friend's Instagram feed. Beautifully styled, and just off Club Street, this is a bar that celebrates true artistry when it comes to creating drinks.

    7. The Secret Mermaid

    Right in the heart of Raffles Place, The Secret Mermaid is a bar and tasting room that focuses on American craft spirits. Celebrating the classics like gin, whiskey, vodka, and rum, Secret Mermaid is like a glorious library of booze.

    8. The Spiffy Dapper

    Instagram: @keerisnith

    Describing itself as "a half-decent space with a truck-load of booze" this Amoy Street bar promises handcrafted cocktails and zero fucks given. The Spiffy Dapper combines the core basics of cocktail-making with a brilliant sense of humour, making it a must-visit. The menu may look sparse, but that's because drinks here are created based on what spirit you're after. From there, it's all in the hands of the bartenders!

    9. Izy

    Instagram: @mim616

    Based around the izakaya casual pub, Izy takes on the popular Japanese style of informal food and drink, and puts a bit of a spin on it. While Izy may be more of a restaurant than a bar, the drinks offering is so strong, you'll come for dinner and stay for a few rounds of Negronis.

    10. Kinki Rooftop Bar

    Instagram: @ashcolyer

    Situated on top of Customs House, with a perfect view of the Marina Bay Sands, Kinki Rooftop Bar is another spin on traditional Japanese food and drink with an urban edge. You'll be treated to Japanese cuisine, with inspired cocktails, sakes, and spirits on offer – plus a view so stunning, after a few drinks you won't resist snapping.

    11. CÉ LA VI

    If having the perfect view of Marina Bay Sands isn't enough, why not check out CÉ LA VI. With a restaurant, club, and rooftop bar, this is an incredible spot to see Singapore from an entirely new angle. Offering panoramic views and a dedication to the finest cocktails, this is a must-stop for any visitors looking to experience some of Singapore's finest boozy views.

    12. Lantern

    Instagram: @clevernapkins

    Let's face it, you can't visit Singapore without a photo of Marina Bay Sands. Lantern at the Fullerton Bay Hotel gives you another opportunity to snap the stunning structure, while reclining with a drink in your hand! A super swanky rooftop bar and pool, Lantern has themed nights, long happy hours, and stunning views. What more could you ask for?!

    13. Lucha Loco

    Instagram: @eannsunnie

    Sure, when you hear "Singapore" you probably don't instantly think of Mexican delights. But Lucha Loco, on Duxton Hill in Tanjong Pagar, is a taqueria and garden bar, serving up authentic Mexican street food and drinks dripping in high quality tequila. There's classics like sangria, margaritas, and mojitos, or you can try something a little different like a Mexican-inspired Old Fashioned!

    14. B28

    Instagram: @vi_vi_g

    If your favourite Tom Cruise film is ~Whiskey Business~ then B28 might be the spot for you. With over 100 kinds of Scottish single malts, a Cuban cigar collection, and fancy bar snacks, B28 also offers live jazz performances every week.

    15. Smoke & Mirrors

    Located on top of the National Gallery, Smoke & Mirrors will take your breath away from the moment you enter. With a stunning sculptural bar, the dynamic space merges indoor and outdoor dining seamlessly. But that's not all! The drinks themselves are gorgeous to look at AND to taste.

    16. Screening Room

    Instagram: @lithooshz

    Another spot just near Telok Ayer MRT, The Screening Room is a unique little bar merging all the good things in life: food, drinks, and films! With a rooftop bar and small, you guessed it, screening room, this bar will give new meaning to a dinner and a movie date.

    17. Drinks & Co.

    Instagram: @chuyibin

    44 Club Street isn't your usual bottle shop. The small bar sells over 400 labels of spirits and wine which you're welcome to enjoy while in the store. And don't fret, Drinks & Co. have a deal with the pizza place around the corner for in-house delivery! OK, they also offer snackish platters... but I mentioned the pizza delivery, right?

    18. Oxwell & Co.

    Instagram: @oxwellco

    Split across three floors, the bar, dining room, and function room of Oxwell & Co. have all been decked out in a rustic, yet charming way that's reminiscent of your favourite British pubs. On the corner of Ann Siang Hill and Club Street, the cocktails here are just as stunning as the bar itself. Just ask this orange and dark chocolate espresso martini!

    19. The Horse's Mouth

    Instagram: @xi_yangyang

    The Horse's Mouth sees cocktails as works of art, and that's pretty obvious as soon as you order one. With an extensive menu of cocktails, spirits, and bar food, it's easy to see why this is a favourite spot on Orchard Road.

    20. Tippling Club

    Sitting on Tanjong Pagar Road, the Tippling Club is a bar and restaurant that revels in a playful, fresh approach to both dining and drinking. Cocktails here need to be seen to be believed, like tiny works of art in a glass. If you aren't sold yet, in 2013 this joint was ranked 45th by The World's 50 Best Bars.

    21. 1-Altitude

    Instagram: @rebeccalauyl

    1-Altitude is currently the highest al fresco bar in the world, so if vertigo isn’t a problem for you, it’s easily one of the best ways to see Singapore! Located at the top of 1 Raffles Place, the venue features a bar, restaurant, club and café, 1-Altitude will be a high-point for any visitors looking for a new perspective.

    22. Loof

    Instagram: @louisahrobinson

    Opposite Raffles Hotel Shopping Arcade, Loof offers an awesome selection of Southeast Asian inspired cocktails, spirits, and some damn good bar food. It's also an awesome location for events and parties, and you've got to try the Krispy Klean Cucumber Martini.

    23. Jekyll & Hyde

    Sitting on Tras Street, Jekyll & Hyde is a restaurant and bar that fuses Japanese ingredients with a European flare. Their food and handcrafted cocktails are as beautiful as they are damn delicious. Though the bar itself may be tucked away on the opposite side from the entrance, you'll be planning to stay for a while once you see what's on the menu.

    24. Tanjong Beach Club

    Instagram: @inside_of_a_week

    Located on Sentosa, Tanjong Beach Club gives you the opportunity to enjoy good food, and great Singapore vibes right on the beach. With pub-style food, fresh seafood, and cocktails served in an entire pineapple, it's the perfect spot to soak up some sun, and sip up some drinks.

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