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People Are Losing Their Minds Over This Chloë Grace Moretz Doppelgänger

"Whoa whoa" – Chloë Grace Moretz, 2016

Earlier in the week a photo of a Jollibee worker began circulating, with people noticing that she looks incredibly like Chloë Grace Moretz.

Seriously, people are obsessed with the uncanny likeness of the fast-food chain worker.

It is not @ChloeGMoretz her name is edcel ched❣️sa jollibee navotas sya and she studies here in malabon (CMU) sa ma…

The woman was identified as Edcell Ched, who is currently studying at the City of Malabon University in the Philippines, and even caught the eye of Moretz herself.

WHOAAAA we do look very like

Ched has been dubbed "the Filipina Chloë Moretz", and has been a trending topic on both Twitter and Facebook.

Users were also quick to point out the last photo is actually a faceswap, BUT it just goes to show how similar the two look.

@ChloeGMoretz yeah in the first picture totally! In the last one too but that's because it's a face swap with you 😂

Maybe we'll be seeing Chloë and Edcell in a Jollibee commercial together soon.


How incredible that they both have the same Chloë Face Moretz.