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Meet The Australian Artist Who Paints With His Dick

This is quite literally all about dick pics.

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If you haven't guessed, Pricasso has a very specific painting method. He doesn't use his hands, feet, or brushes...just his dick.

Ilia Chidzey / Ilia Chidzey/REX Shutterstock

Well not ~JUST~ his dick, according to Pricasso: "I quickly worked out that I could speed up by using my testicles and butt cheeks to cover large areas in no time at all. Only recently do I paint the edges using my butt crack – I call it the credit card swipe!"

"When I'm working I have to really concentrate and put myself into a meditative state so I don't notice much going on around me until I have finished," Pricasso explained.

Ilia Chidzey / Ilia Chidzey/REX Shutterstock

Pricasso's methods have allowed him to travel the country, performing shows at Sexpo Australia exhibitions each year.


You can imagine the hardest part about Pricasso's methods: "Finding somewhere to practise was a problem."

Ilia Chidzey / Ilia Chidzey/REX Shutterstock

Check out Pricasso's website for more info – and even a few cheeky videos of the artist in action!

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