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    19 Times RuPaul Was Absolutely Iconic

    Can I get an amen?

    1. When she knew what it took to get a damn compliment.

    2. When she wasn't here to make friends.

    3. When she knew the cure to any relationship tension.


    4. When he was nominated for an Emmy and celebrated what truly matters.

    5. And when he WON, and gave the greatest speech of all time.


    6. When she understood balance.

    7. And when she didn't need to be weighed down by concepts like "time".

    8. When she didn't care for apologies.


    9. Or your excuses.


    10. When she wasn't shy about her incredible achievements.

    11. And when she marketed the fuck outta this sandwich.

    12. When she handled perfection with total class.

    13. And when she WAS perfection.

    14. When she thought about taking up a new hobby.


    15. When she knew the subtle art of throwing shade.

    16. When she had this flawless philosophy.


    17. When she was the law.


    18. When she was at a loss for words.


    19. And when she knew exactly what we all needed to hear.


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