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“Please Like Me” Has Officially Finished And People Are Pretty Devo

"I'm focussing now on what's next, I hope to see you there."

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Aussie comedian and writer Josh Thomas took to Twitter this morning to announce an end to his series Please Like Me.

Hey I have news. We have decided Season 4 #PleaseLikeMe is the last. I've loved making this show for you all so muc…

He writes: "The other producers and I have decided that Season 4 of Please Like Me is the last. We decided this because we are really happy with what we've made and feel like it is complete".

"I want to thank everyone who has watched the show and sent me a friendly note. This show is intensely personal, it recreates the most intimate moments of my life and lays them out for anyone to watch. Seeing how people have connected with this show has been tremendously confidence building for me and I'm really grateful for that. Thank you."

In December, the show's producer Todd Abbott mentioned the possibility of ending the show after the fourth season in an interview with Sydney Morning Herald.


"We weren't even sure we were going to make a fourth season. And so when we did start, we basically decided that, in case it does turn out to be the last one, it really should feel like it has a satisfying conclusion... But we didn't want to burn everything down so that we couldn't go back and decide to make a season five. To be perfectly honest, we still haven't decided whether we'll do any more."

And while it might not come as a shock, fans of the show are still devastated.

.@JoshThomas87 I get it, and thank you for four amazing seasons, but still

The show has come to mean so much to its dedicated fanbase.

@JoshThomas87 i could never not even in million years explain you just how much plm has changed my life completely


Please Like Me is available to watch in Australia via ABC iView and Netflix, and Hulu in the US.