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    Richie Is Australia's Next Bachelor And Our Prayers Have Been Answered

    Coolest bananas.

    Channel Ten has announced that Richie Strahan of The Bachelorette will be taking the title of this year's Bachelor!


    This calls for a party.

    Richie was a fan favourite during his ~journey~ on The Bachelorette...


    ...and fans are STOKED to hear he'll be back for another season to find love.

    The people have spoken. Richie returns for S4 #TheBachelorAU

    not gonna lie, Ritchie being the new Bachelor has made my day. #TheBachelorAU

    But there's also the understandable heartbreak that goes along with the announcement.

    So shattered @richie_strahan is the new bachie. I'm never going to get to marry him now 😫😫🌹#TheBachelorAU

    There's really only one thing to say about this news:


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