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    Apparently Adele Gets Transported To The Stage Like A Delicious Pizza

    She could have had it all, now she's rolling in a box.

    Adele is currently in the middle of her Australian tour, saying "Hello" to MASSIVE stadium audiences.

    Cameron Spencer / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    But due to the sheer SCALE of her shows, the artist had to come up with quite a cunning plan to get from her dressing room to the stage.

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    She's not very well going to just ~stroll~ up to the stage, is she?

    Eagle-eyed fans noticed a few months ago that just before the show, a large equipment box is rolled into the stadium and placed under the stage.

    Curiously, Adele's personal security, Peter Van Der Deer, would accompany the inconspicuous "equipment box" as it was pushed to the stage.

    MMMM CURIOUS. (Also, more like Peter Van DAD Deer, amiright? Zamn Zaddy.)

    Now if you're SUPER clueless, you might be wondering:

    New Line Cinema


    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    According to the Mirror, she confided to 90,000 of her closest friends and family at one of her Aussie shows that her mode of transport makes her "drenched with sweat".

    Cameron Spencer / Getty Images

    "How I get to and from this stage makes me so sweaty, I’m drenched. I can’t tell you till the end. You’ll laugh when you find out." She also told a crowd she only has one of her tour dresses, and expects it to stink by the end of the tour.

    Oh Adele. Never change, you glorious queen.


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