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It's Raining In Sydney And People Are Losing Their Damn Wet Minds

More like WETnesday.

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If you haven't been on Twitter the last few days, you may have missed that it is, in fact, raining.

Man when it rains in Sydney it really pours #SydneyRain

Some parts of Sydney received the average January rainfall in just two days.

#Sydneyrain in #Parramatta yesterday arvo

And people are PISSED. This is not the summer we were promised.

Go home Sydney weather, you're drunk! #SydneyRain

Getting to work is impossible.

#Sydney commuters feeling the 3rd day of heavy rain.

Some commuters are turning to alternate means of transport.

Can't be late to work!

When life gives you lemons. Get in a boat.

The city has been drenched with a serious fashion identity crisis.

Australians deal with rain by freaking the fuck out and putting on all their winter attire at once

But that could be because NOTHING CAN DRY RIGHT NOW.

time to accept that my clothes on the line will never dry and just embrace the new age of wet chic

The city isn't emotionally equipped for this kind of nonsense.

But seriously, who does the weather think we are?! Melbourne?!?!

At least a rare few individuals seem to be enjoying themselves.

Great day for ducks and apparently turtles here at @MossValeGC in preparation for @ALPGtour pro am! #sydneyrain

And while some Sydneysiders were reflecting on the dour weather...

Feels like it's been raining all year... #sydneyrain

...most were just ready to take the piss.

Summer lovin', had me a blast.