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    29 Times Tumblr Just Couldn't Take Australian Animals Seriously

    "Who the fuck thinks a crocodile is an appropriate gift for a baby?"

    1. This relatable as hell kookaburra.

    2. This koala, who is all of us on a Friday afternoon.

    3. Or this pig who is all of us on a Friday night.

    4. This accurate look at how our animals are named.

    5. This goddamn monstrous shark.

    6. This royal gift, which can't be a good idea.

    7. Or this children's book that's basically an illustrated warning sign.

    "Hey kids, DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING."

    8. This perfect spot for a nap.

    9. This wombat, that just wants to be loved.

    10. These rude as hell kangaroos.

    11. And this rude as hell kangaroo.

    12. And, you guessed it, THESE RUDE AS HELL KANGAROOS.

    13. The revelation that cassowaries are very real.

    14. This guide to the seasons.

    15. This petition to rename "spring".

    16. And this updated version of the national anthem.

    17. This explanation of WTF a kangaroo even is.

    18. This comparison that shows not EVERYTHING in Australia wants to kill you.

    19. This GORGEOUS furball that proves Australia also has the CUTEST wildlife in the world... make up for all the terrifying ones.

    20. This weird cat.

    21. Which is equal parts cute...

    ...and poisonous.

    22. This friendly reminder.

    23. This not-so-friendly reminder.

    24. This morning news break.

    25. This dinner date that got suuuuuper awkward.

    26. This reality check.

    27. This cool trick to get emus interested in your butt.

    28. This "she'll be right" approach to snake bites.

    29. And this croc, who proves no matter how terrifying, everyone just wants a selfie with their idols.

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