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27 Times Jenny Slate Made You Laugh So Hard You Cried

"I had to unfollow NASA on Instagram..."

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1. When she was all of us.


2. When she was 100% the realest.

3. When she knew exactly what was important in life.

4. When she understood the scale of things.

5. When she wasn't suspicious.

6. When she was all of us trying not to be rude in front of relatives or small children.


7. When she understood how maturity works.

8. When she was refreshingly honest about EVERYTHING.

9. When she was more like Beauty and the BEST.


10. When she had the perfect attitude...


11. ...the perfect sexual awakening...

12. ...and the perfect work ethic.

13. When she handled criticism like a pro.

14. When she discovered the real college experience.

15. And was basically all of us when it came to assignment time.


16. When she wished sprinkles fell out of her vagina.

Instagram: @jennyslate

"Isn't this nice? Doesn't it look like a heart? Is it ok to wish that this fell out of my vagina as a sign of health & good cheer?"

17. When she understood the actual hell of air travel.

18. But also the simple pleasures in it.

19. When this happened.


20. When she perfectly answered the question "Can men be funny?"

From Sara Schaefer's podcast Lies.
Jason Kempin / Getty Images

From Sara Schaefer's podcast Lies.

21. When she was practically a walking sex ed class.

22. And basically everything the Lizes have ever said.

The Lizes are honestly so ameezing.
Comedy Central

The Lizes are honestly so ameezing.

23. When she was all of us trying to make a difficult decision.

24. When she had realistic aspirations in life.

25. Because honestly adulthood is stupid and hard.

26. When she was the epitome of first-date jitters.

And when she was onscreen besties with her IRL BFF Gabe Liedman.

27. And when she was just a beautiful angel who should be treasured forever.