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    DC Have Announced Joe Manganiello Will Play Deathstroke In The Solo Batman Film

    The world's greatest detective faces the world's greatest assassin.

    Recently Ben Affleck tweeted out this footage of Batman's villain Deathstroke and everyone had 3,000 questions.

    Mainly, people weren't really sure if this was from the upcoming Justice League or Affleck's solo Batman film.

    I just saw what looks like test footage of Deathstroke for Justice League or a solo Batman movie. Take my money now

    Well, speaking to the Wall Street Journal, DC Entertainment president and chief creative officer Geoff Johns confirmed Deathstroke will be in Batman's solo film, AND he'll be played by Joe Maganiello!


    Johns and Affleck will be writing the script for the film together, with Affleck also on board to direct it.

    Occasionally referred to as the "world's greatest assassin", Deathstroke was a military man who underwent experimental procedures resulting in his heightened speed, strength, and senses.


    And in the Arrow gag reel that GIF is taken from, he apparently has heightened dance abilities.

    Deathstroke, or Slade Wilson, has gone up against many of DC's heroes, including Green Arrow and Batman, but it isn't just his enhanced abilities that makes him a deadly foe, he's also hella clever. Deathstroke's intelligence means he's a brilliant foil to Batman, and could make for a super gritty first outing for Affleck's solo film!

    To confirm the news, Manganiello retweeted Affleck's Deathstroke tease, as well as posting this:

    Here's hoping for a Batman vs Deathstroke dance-off.

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