Here’s That Five Minute Trailer For “Independence Day: Resurgence” You Were Asking For

    "She has arrived."

    20th Century Fox have released an extended trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence and it's a WHOPPING FIVE MINUTES LONG!

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    (If you prefer to keep the details of films under wraps, maybe avoid this trailer - it seems to give a LOT away.)

    The extended trailer gives us a little more background to the film's plot.

    And things do NOT look great for Earth.

    Even though the extended trailer seems to give us a LOT, there are still a few questions left unanswered...

    Like: WHO IS SHE???????

    Also we get a bit more Jeff Goldblum being terrifically Jeff Goldblum.

    I mean, c'mon. He's just perfect.

    Meanwhile, Liam Hemsworth is busy being every reality TV contestant ever.

    Independence Day: Resurgence is scheduled to land in cinemas June 24.