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    This Supermarket Had The Perfect Comeback To A Customer's Eminem Troll

    They only had one shot, and nailed it.

    Jamie McGloin probably had no idea what he was doing when he decided to post an 8 Mile-inspired troll onto the Facebook page of Australian supermarket Woolworths.
    Dear Woolworths,Yesterday I was searching for food to make mums spaghetti. I was nervous, my knees were weak, my palms were sweaty and to top it off, I had a vomit on my sweater already.To be honest, I was ready to drop bombs, but I kept on spaghetti what I wrote down. I feel I had one shot, one opportunity and I let it slip. I could have seized everything and I left with nothing but a brown onion and tomato paste. I lost myself in the spaghetti because I had spaghetti on my spaghetti already. Snap back to spaghetti. Oh there's goes more spaghetti!! So today I went back to purchase some spaghetti, instead of finding spaghetti in the packet, I found this. It was spaghetti!!!! What should I do with it? Should I return the spaghetti?Love Jamie xox

    And then, something magical happened. Woolies replied...

    ...and dropped the damn mic.

    Jamie gave them an inch, and they took a damn 8 Mile.


    Woolworths have released the following official reply via their Facebook:

    Yaaass Woolies, slay!

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