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This Super-Hot Dude's Adele Cover Was Confused For A Singapore Tourism Ad

Meet “international fitness icon” Bryan Hawn.

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A video of a super-ripped, hot dude singing a cover of Adele’s “Hello” was recently uploaded to Facebook.

Facebook: video.php

The video was uploaded with the caption: "Cover of Adele's latest hit single, 'Hello', produced for the Singapore Tourism Board."

The video features Bryan Hawn, an "international fitness icon" and author, according to his website, singing along to Adele in an array of well-fitted underpants.

Commenters and those sharing the video to Facebook seemed to be bemused, aroused, and outraged that Singapore Tourism would decide to create such an odd video.

One Facebook user wrote: "OK Singapore, why is this guy the star of the Singapore Tourism video? Was this travel vid produced by the Pink Dot Singapore movement?"

Another shared the video saying: "No speedos were harmed in this commercial but Singapore's Tourism Board had a lobotomy LOL."


Hawn himself commented on a follow-up post clarifying that his video honestly has nothing to do with the Singapore Tourism Board.

Facebook: kennethism

The comment says that "this video was NOT produced for the Singapore Tourism Board. I don't know where you got that from, but that is a funny rumor." Then he goes on to plug his very popular ass workout.