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    27 Dog Costumes To Inspire Your Pets For Halloween

    Need some inspiration for Halloween this year? Check out these spooky pooches.

    1. This delicious little pumpkin.

    2. Or this TINY BABY PUMPKIN.

    3. This sassy witch who is ready to do some hocus pawcus.

    4. This sporty ball-player who is ready for his big game.

    5. And this adorable rufferee who just wants to make sure everyone plays by the rules.

    6. This little champ whose bite is worse than his jurassic bark.

    7. This silly sausage.

    8. Seriously turn the AC on because we have some hot dogs here.

    9. This poncho poocho who is ready for some trick or treating.

    10. So is this Starpups coffee!

    11. This magestic AF unicorn.

    12. This flower-paw-er child.

    13. This heroic anime fan who'll be howling at the Sailor Moon.

    14. This heroic little doggy avenger.

    15. Or his mate, Superpup!

    16. This little guy who is so ready to destroy Buzz Lightyear.

    17. This absolutely adorable R2Dog2.

    18. These adorable little Winnie the pooches.

    19. What about this cowdog?! He's ready for the wild west.

    20. Hope this little guy has clean feet or he'll track POPE PRINTS through the house.

    21. Going to a fancy Halloween party? SO IS THIS DAPPER DOGGY.

    22. This actual terrifying tarantula monstrosity.

    23. This gorgeous pirate pup who'll make you walk the plank. Unless you get some snacks.

    24. Dog-rothy Gale, who is going somewhere over the rain-bow-wow.

    25. This absolutely adorable team effort of Red Riding Hood and her grandma. What big eyes grandma has...

    26. And this completely gorgeous Oompaw Loompup.

    27. Take all our candy. Just... stop being so adorable.