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26 Facts That Will Ruin Your Day

You've probably tasted beaver ass.

1. The FDA allows an average of one rodent hair per 100 grams of peanut butter manufactured.

2. Jelly beans are so shiny because they're coated with shellac, which is made from insect poop.

3. Perfume musk came from a sack in front of a deer's dick.

4. Natural flavouring substitutes came from a gland right next to a beaver's anus.

5. And an early form of contraception once included soaking dried beaver testicles in a strong alcohol solution and drinking it.

6. There are over 200 corpses of climbers and sherpas on Mount Everest.

7. A koala's cuddle could give you chlamydia.

8. There might be poop in your coffee mug.

9. And a cell phone can have up to ten times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

10. You're probably more bacteria than you are human.

11. This is what a child's skull looks like before they lose their baby teeth.

12. There have been human remains found in Disney's Haunted Mansion.

13. When a male lion takes over a pride of females he'll usually try and kill all the cubs that aren't his.

14. There's an island near Mexico City full of creepy, decaying dolls.

15. A dragonfly uses its penis as shovel to scoop the jizz of rival dragonflies out of potential mates.

16. If you're smelling something bad it's because stinky molecules are literally in your nose.

17. There have been reports of vacuum toilets (commonly used on planes and cruise ships) sucking the rectum out of people.

18. Banana slugs can grow up to six to eight inches in length. Their erect penis can be JUST AS LONG. Also, the penis grows out of the slug's head.

19. A 2012 study revealed one in five adults in the US admitted to pissing in public pools.

20. Also if you've ever gotten red eyes after swimming, it's not from chlorine, it's the result of chemicals mixing with urine.

21. A 35-year-old London man holds the record for "most amount of maggots moved by the mouth in an hour".

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Why is this even a record? Anyway he managed to move 17 kg of live maggots. Why?

22. It's believed that if you eat fast food pretty regularly, you'll consume about 12 pubes a year.

23. Buzz Aldrin may not have been the first man on the moon, but he was the first to piss his pants up there.

24. During his autopsy, Napoleon's dick was removed. It is believed to have ended up in New Jersey.

25. A male honey bee's ejaculation is so strong it makes his dick explode, killing him.

26. And the shyer a crab is, the more sperm he makes.