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    Every Wes Anderson Fan Needs To Watch The Trailer For This New Australian Film

    Girl Asleep is like Moonrise Kingdom meets Alice in Wonderland.

    Growing up is never easy, and Rosemary Myers' debut feature Girl Asleep dives headfirst into the anxiety every adolescent faces.

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    The film stars Bethany Whitmore as Greta Driscoll, who is dreading turning 15.

    Umbrella Entertainment / Via

    Starting at a new school with her only friend Elliott, she's totally happy just staying 14.

    Greta's well-meaning parents decide she should have a surprise 15th party, which throws her into some kind of parallel place.

    Umbrella Entertainment / Via

    And that's when things start to get trippy.

    The film looks visually stunning, like a nostalgia trip injected with a Wes Anderson dose of whimsy.

    Umbrella Entertainment / Via

    The movie has already played several film festivals, and is scheduled to open in Australia on September 8.

    Umbrella Entertainment / Via

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