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Posted on 8 Oct 2015

21 Times Tumblr Nailed The Hell Of Exam Time

The only cramming I wanna do is cram these nachos into my face.

1. When you realise the dreaded exam period is just around the corner:

2. And when you're considering your options:

3. When you have to find your notes you thought you'd never need again:

4. When you're trying to study and your brain has other plans:

5. Or alternatively, this study regime:

6. When your friends talk to you about studying and you're like, "haha oh, you're doing that???"

7. When you feel like you're running out of time and sacrifices must be made:

8. When you just want SOMETHING to sink in:

9. And when cramming actually works:

10. When you've sacrificed days studying for the big exam, and when that comes around... you forget the most important piece of equipment:

11. When you fall into one of three "test face" categories:

12. When you're stuck in a multiple choice exam:

13. When you're not even halfway through your exams:

14. When you're SO CLOSE to the end:

15. When a teacher asks the worst post-exam question ever:

Are you marking my answer? Do I need to show my work??? WHY ARE YOU PLAYING THESE GAMES WITH ME?

16. When you walk out of the exam and everyone is agreeing on their answers and they sound NOTHING like yours:

17. When you put in so much effort and are defeated:

18. When you leave the exam feeling like crap, get your results back and are like "YEAH I DID!"

19. Or when you didn't even prepare and find out you FLUKED IT:

20. And those times you don't even know how you nailed it:

21. But there's always that amazing feeling when it's finally over:

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