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    21 Times Chris Pratt's Tweets Proved He Is A Beautiful Cinnamon Roll

    "The name's Douchemaster McChest..."

    1. When he was all of us cramming for a final exam:

    2. When he didn't have time for your damn jokes:

    3. When he shared this stunning #ThrowbackThursday and it was a sensual masterpiece:

    4. When he proved he was a keen historian:

    5. When he was all of us waking up on a Thursday thinking it's Friday:

    6. When his retweets read like Andy Dwyer fanfic:

    7. When he asked the big questions:

    8. When his Jurassic World thirst for adventure knew no bounds:

    9. When he summarised the best things in life with the three F's:

    10. When he and Anna Faris proved their love was stronger than any velociraptor sexual tension:

    11. And when they were just the most adorable couple ever:

    12. When his emoji pun game was off the charts:

    13. When he discovered Snapchat filters:

    14. When he was wowed by technology and tequila:

    15. And when he was less wowed by tequila:

    16. When he knew how to really have a good Halloween:

    17. When he outed himself as suffering from Big Thumbs, Little Phone syndrome:

    18. On more than one occasion:

    19. When he was king of the thirst trap:

    20. When he was totally aware of his special effects:

    21. And when, at the end of the day, he was just the most charming husband, father, and hot beefcake on the planet: