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    The Census ​Website​ Crashed And Everyone Lost Their Fucking Minds

    This doesn't make any census...

    So tonight is census night, and everyone was totally amped to fill out the national survey... until they actually tried.

    Hey @ABSCensus, your site isn't working!

    Hands up who can't fill out their #census2016 because the site won't let you in!! #censusfail

    In fact, people were finding it really difficult to use the site.

    Who'd have thunk it? #census2016 #censusfail

    20 attempts to hit the Complete My Census button and all achieved this ... #censusfail

    Not only was the website not loading for some, but others were slogging through the census, only to have it crash at the last hurdle.

    Fucking fuck. I got to the last question on the Census then got up to go and check something then when I got back session timed out!

    Things really weren't looking good.

    Remember when we thought the government was competent enough to spy on us? Oh, so naive! #CensusFail

    Hey #census2016... You had literally one job. #censusfail

    But census HQ assured people that everything was totally working fine and nothing was terrible at all.

    And thank god not EVERYONE was struggling.

    We filled in the @ABSCensus tonight online - v easy to do. And so important for planning better Govt services & investment for the future

    V easy to do, you guys. V easy.

    Although the ABS has now acknowledged that their website is struggling with traffic and that some users may suffer difficulties.

    The ABS & Census websites are currently experiencing an outage. We're working to restore the service. We will keep you updated. Thank you.

    Honestly, who’d have thunk a website might struggle when 24 million people log on at once.

    Get everyone to log on at the same time. What could possibly go wrong? #census2016

    There's never been a more exciting time to fill out the census.