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Stop What You're Eating, We Finally Have Full Footage Of The "Survivor" Australia Boil

Kate's Boil, the tribe has spoken.

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This week on Survivor Australia, contestant Kate had an infected boil under her armpit.

Network Ten / Via Network Ten

Kate said, "I didn’t think it was serious originally, I was like, 'Oh whatever it’s just like a big pimple or whatever'". Yeah absolutely, just a big golfball sized pimple or whatever. Totally nothing to worry about. ARE YOU INSANE?!

But when the episode went to air, viewers were robbed of the disgusting footage of the boil being drained.

Can't believe I watched #SurvivorAU and they didn't even show the boil being drained

Just caught up on tonight's @Survivor_AU Is anyone else disappointed we didn't get to see the pus from the boil? No? Just me then

Thankfully 2dayFM's Rove & Sam knew we were hungry for more, and they were able to get the unreleased footage in all it's gory glory right here.

The video shows the doctor lancing Kate's boil, then inserting a wick (a piece of gauze that's put into the empty part of the boil to prevent it from closing over too quickly so extra pus can drain out).

There's also a video of Rove and Sam watching the boil which is pretty brilliant.

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