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17 Photos Of Blue Heelers That Will Make You Say “Honey, We Need A Dog”

Dog goals.

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1. Alright, it's time to talk about the beauty that is the Blue Heeler.

Instagram: @boof_the_bluey

2. Blue Heelers are an Aussie cattle dog, so they need plenty of exercise, and have inherent herding instincts.

Instagram: @ramone

3. They're also incredibly loyal and SUPER friendly when socialised properly.

Instagram: @boof_the_bluey

4. And if you adopt 'em as a pup, they'll grow up to be just as beautiful.

Instagram: @countrysoficial

Though many people suggest adopting Blue Heelers as adults, especially if they've already been brought up with great traits.


Instagram: @banditojack

6. This little guy looks like he has a job interview and picked his best tie for the job. YOU'RE HIRED.

Instagram: @heelerclub

7. They've got those incredibly beautiful eyes.

Instagram: @heelergram

8. I mean holy hell they are just the most adorable.

Instagram: @huckleberryroost

9. They just always look so happy to see you.

Instagram: @hellonulo

10. Strong-willed and a thirst for adventure.

Instagram: @pierced_poet

They're just so fetching. Haha, dog puns.

11. Blueys aren't apartment dogs, they need room to have fun, exercise, and to grow up to become just gorgeous beasts.

Instagram: @caoboiadeiro

12. And they have such a wonderful spirit of playfulness.

Instagram: @colby

13. Also they're a great help around the house!

Instagram: @reneethomas1489

14. Just look at those pointy lil' ears.

Instagram: @catiorrofazbem

15. So do yourself a favour and put a Bluey on your vision board.

Instagram: @acd_sammie_lucy

16. Because honestly, how could you resist that tiny little face!

17. You can thank me later.

Instagram: @robirizar

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