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    17 Photos Of Blue Heelers That Will Make You Say “Honey, We Need A Dog”

    Dog goals.

    1. Alright, it's time to talk about the beauty that is the Blue Heeler.

    2. Blue Heelers are an Aussie cattle dog, so they need plenty of exercise, and have inherent herding instincts.

    3. They're also incredibly loyal and SUPER friendly when socialised properly.

    4. And if you adopt 'em as a pup, they'll grow up to be just as beautiful.


    6. This little guy looks like he has a job interview and picked his best tie for the job. YOU'RE HIRED.

    7. They've got those incredibly beautiful eyes.

    8. I mean holy hell they are just the most adorable.

    9. They just always look so happy to see you.

    10. Strong-willed and a thirst for adventure.

    11. Blueys aren't apartment dogs, they need room to have fun, exercise, and to grow up to become just gorgeous beasts.

    12. And they have such a wonderful spirit of playfulness.

    13. Also they're a great help around the house!

    14. Just look at those pointy lil' ears.

    15. So do yourself a favour and put a Bluey on your vision board.

    16. Because honestly, how could you resist that tiny little face!

    17. You can thank me later.