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    Oh Boy, "The Mummy" Trailer Was Uploaded Without Audio And It's Hilarious

    *Tom Cruise screaming.*

    IMAX recently uploaded a version of the trailer for The Mummy starring Tom Cruise, but unfortunately a few audio tracks were missing.

    IMAX uploaded the trailer for THE MUMMY with some audio tracks missing and it's the funniest thing ever, ever, ever.

    The video has now been removed, though it stayed up for long enough that a LOT of people noticed how incredibly weird it was.

    For anyone who missed that Mummy trailer with the missing audio tracks, here it is summarised in Vine form

    And because the internet is a strange and beautiful place, people decided to create masterpieces using the trailer.

    Anyway, here's The Mummy trailer with Jingle Bell Rock as the soundtrack.

    All your favourite films are immediately improved with the addition of Tom Cruise's shrieks of terror.

    The Mummy trailer audio makes any scene better. (thx @Babylonian @cabel @austin_walker)

    If you weren't keen for The Mummy, maybe you'll be excited for "Top Gun: Cruise Control".

    Top Gun volleyball scene w/ The Mummy trailer audio (Thanks @Babylonian)

    (I don't think anyone will like me if I make a "It's mu-mmy, Mario" joke here, will they?)

    Imagine using it as an alarm. What a way to start the day!

    New Tom Cruise ringtone thanks to the dialog-only Mummy IMAX trailer.

    While some think the trailer may have been leaked on purpose, most are just in agreement that it is one of the best mistakes in recent history.

    "Almost finished that Mummy IMAX trailer, boss." "All the audio tracks are there?" "I think? Maybe?" "Maybe's fine."

    That being said, it appears more people are keen for the movie after seeing the audio-less trailer.

    So are we gonna have to wait for the Blu-ray release to get that version of The Mummy with only sound effects or is that an IMAX exclusive?

    The Mummy is scheduled to open in cinemas June 2017... probably with all the audio tracks.

    Not gonna lie I would watch that new mummy movie if the audio was actually like that trailer all the way through.

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