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Everything You Missed From The Season 4 Premiere Of "The Voice Australia"

"When I think reggae I think Delta Goodrem."

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Welcome to Season 4 of The Voice Australia!

Here's everything you may have missed in tonight's episode...


Shine Australia

Australia's newest Voice coach JASSY JAY was introduced via her smash hit "Bang Bang", during which her co-coaches Ricky Martin, Delta Goodrem and Benji and/or Joel Madden joined her onstage. This was the first time JASSY JAY would be screaming at the audience.

2. Audition 1: Paris Cassar with "Out Here On My Own".

Shine Australia

16-year-old Paris Cassar sung "Out Here On My Own", a song made famous by the film Superstar starring Molly Shannon. While Paris dreams of leaving the farm life for that of the stage, she managed to make both Benji and/or Joel Madden and JASSY JAY turn their chairs around for her.

Shine Australia

While JASSY JAY, Benji and/or Joel fight over 16-year-old Paris, Delta decided to do exactly what all the rest of the audience would like to do and sat in Ricky's Chair ~if you know what I mean~.

3. 16-Year-Old Paris was the first Voice contestant of Season 4 to join a team.

Shine Australia

And she picks #TeamJessie! JASSY JAY is obviously stoked about it and can't wait to teach PARIS the best SHOUTY TECHNIQUES.

Paris has a lovely voice for a young one, they could definitely develop something with her, shes got a good chance! #thevoiceau


Cadbury / Via

JASSY JAY screams at the camera about her favourite cadbury chocolates. Does she like Turkish Delight? YOU BET GUVNA. What does she think of Top Deck? BEST OF BOTH WORLDS INNIT THO! These commercials will never get old!!!

Suddenly Samantha Jade's cheap cheap ads don't look so bad with Jessie J's overblown chocolate hawking

5. Sonia Kruger was announced as a co-host.

Shine Australia

Mid-way through the show they remembered they had hosts who occasionally will talk to the contestants. "You seem to love hats!" the hosts will say to a contestant wearing a hat before we're subjected to a terribly sad sob-story about hats.

Because if there's one thing a show with five judges needs, it's two co-hosts!

Well done Annaleese of #Adelaide you were so graceful. #thevoiceau #voiceblinds

7. Annaleese doesn't get to participate in The Voice but she does get tickets to see Ricky Martin?

Shine Australia

Which kinda seems like a dumb prize until you remember, even in a terrible screencap, Ricky Martin looks like this. Dad AF.

8. Audition 3: Your face is all I can't see, I'll give you everything, Baby Blind Auditions.

Shine Australia

Much like the judges, for Audition 3 - THE AUDIENCE WAS NOT ABLE TO SEE THE CONTESTANT. Singing Beyoncé's "XO", contestant 3 sings a soulful rendition and she actually does an impressive job. So impressive that Delta and Benji and/or Joel turn their chairs around.

What the hell. I thought that was a black woman. It's a white boy! #TheVoiceAU

@TheVoiceAU I knew he was a boy!!! I hope it's not the year his voice breaks @DeltaGoodrem @JoelMadden

10. Audition 3: Nicholas Duquemin with "XO".

Shine Australia

Even though DETECTIVE JASSY JAY knew Nicholas was a man, Benji and/or Joel were less quick to catch-on. Nicholas soon becomes the first member of #TeamDelta. This is also a great moment where DETECTIVE JASSY JAY screams at Nicholas about having Manuka Honey which will be great to take care of his Voice which is also the name of this TV program.

11. Audition 4: Chris Hoskin with "Fall At Your Feet".

Shine Australia

Chris, a tree surgeon, gets probably the earliest reaction from the coaches and is the first contestant to get EVERY COACH TO TURN AROUND!

13. Crouching Surgeon Hidden Maddens.

Shine Australia

A tree surgeon is apparently "a person who prunes and treats old or damaged trees in order to preserve them." Chris complains that he has been "climbing all day" and can't stand the entire time the judges bicker over who should help him find his musical roots. It's a tree pun! The Madden brothers believe they have "found their guy" and because of that - Chris decides to join #TeamJessy. DETECTIVE TREE SURGEON JASSAY JAY is the first coach to have two singers on her team!

14. Audition 5: Tanya George with "Seven Nation Army".

Shine Australia

Tanya belts a version of "Seven Nation Army" and NO ONE TURNS AROUND. She isn't as devastated as she should be because she gets free tickets to see DETECTIVE TREE SURGEON JASSAY JAY! Which for DETECTIVE TREE SURGEON JASSAY JAY's biggest fan - that's pretty great.

how did no one turn their chair around for tanya?! DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! #thevoiceau @thevoiceau

It pisses me off when people don't turn around for amazing singers like #Tanya on #TheVoiceAu

15. Audition 6: Rik-E-Ragga with "Get Up Stand Up".

Shine Australia

Rik-E-Ragga is probably not his birth-name however it is conveniently tied to his favourite style of music: Reggae. Obviously one of the first people to turn their chairs around is Australian Reggae icon Delta 'Pass The Soy Milk On The Left Hand Side' Goodrem mon. Rik-E-Ragga is the second member of #TeamDelta.

When I think reggae I think Delta Goodrem. #TheVoiceAU

We ❤️ #DeltasDancing! @DeltaGoodrem #TeamDelta

16. Audition 6: Gail Page with "Natural Woman".

Shine Australia

Gail is a prior contestant from the very first season of The Voice, however this time she believes she has what it takes to make a team. And she is so right. After belting "Natural Woman", Gail turns Delta, Ricky and Benji and/or Joel around. DETECTIVE TREE SURGEON JASSAY JAY called the song "too safe" then screamed about Cadbury chocolate probably.

Amazing night for Gail Page on The Voice Australia!!! #gogailpage #thevoiceau

Did you agree with the coaches? Who would you have turned your chair around for?

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