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    7 Iconic Australian Foods Reimagined As Shots

    Australians all let us rejoice and take it to the face.

    With enough imagination, anything can be a shot. Here's seven examples of iconic Aussie food you can turn into delicious, nutritious and sometimes terrifying concoctions.

    Mat Whitehead

    1. Anzac Biscuits

    What you'll need:


    -Golden Syrup

    -Desiccated Coconut


    Directions: Slowly stir golden syrup and bourbon until combined. Rim a shot glass with a little more syrup and roll in desiccated coconut and oats. Pour shot. Consume.

    Mat Whitehead

    What it tastes like: You know that perfect Anzac biscuit that's equal parts crunchy and chewy? Like that: but with bourbon.

    2. Fairy Bread

    What You'll Need:

    -Vodka (preferably vanilla)

    -100s & 1000s

    Directions: Wet the rim of a shot glass without giggling, coat with sprinkles. Fill shot with vanilla vodka. Enjoy.

    Mat Whitehead

    What it tastes like: Childhood. What? Your childhood didn't taste like vodka and sprinkles?

    3. Wagon Wheels

    What You'll Need:

    -Baileys Irish Cream



    Directions: This is kind of like a spin on the Jelly Donut shot, but with a splash of Frangelico to give it that nutty biscuit taste. Combine equal parts Baileys, Frangelico and Chambord. If you want to get real fancy and risk diabetes, chase with a chocolate covered marshmallow.

    Mat Whitehead

    What it tastes like: Like you'll never want to get back on the wagon again.

    4. Vegemite

    What You'll Need:


    -Hot Water


    -Soda Water

    Directions: "What could be worse than a tequila slammer?" This. This is. Dilute a tablespoon of Vegemite in hot water, let this cool down.

    Add about 15 ML of your Vegemite bin water to two shots of tequila in a glass. Top with approximately two shots of soda water. Slam onto the table to let it fizz & mix together. Regret instantly.

    Mat Whitehead

    What it tastes like: Like a one-night stand with a pack of rabid weasels. You're like, "Did I have fun? Is my mouth bleeding? Why did I do this?"

    5. Lamingtons

    What You'll Need:

    -Baileys Irish Cream


    -Malibu Rum

    -Whipped Cream

    -Desiccated Coconut

    Directions: Pour approx one part Baileys to two parts Kahlua and Malibu into a shot glass. Top with whipped cream and desiccated coconut. Consume immediately.

    Mat Whithead

    What it tastes like: LIKE TWO KOALAS KISSING AT SUNSET. Maybe it's the other four shots talking but this was A+. Would drink again.

    6. Tim Tams

    What You'll Need:

    -Tim Tams

    -Ice cream

    -Vanilla vodka

    -Baileys Irish Cream

    Directions: Blend a few Tim Tams, a scoop of ice cream and a generous helping of vodka and Baileys. Top with some crushed Tim Tams.

    You can attempt a Tim Tam slam โ€” I used too much ice cream to successfully do that because I'm a GLUTTON.

    Mat Whitehead

    What it tastes like: A boozy McFlurry. A McSlurry even.

    7. Party Pies & Tomato Sauce

    What You'll Need:

    -Party pies

    -Tomato sauce

    -VB (or any beer)

    -Bundaberg rum

    -Absolutely no self-respect

    Directions: Take on the Drop Bear bomb shot (Bundy into VB). Scoop out the delicious innards from your party pies and mix with your VB. Allow to stand to get all that meaty goodness into your beer. Meanwhile, stir about half a tomato sauce squeeze packet into two shots of Bundaberg rum.

    Once you've strained your meat-beer-mix, pour until a pint glass is half-way full. Fill a shot-glass with your Bundy-Sauce.

    Drop from a meaningful height, say a quick prayer and chug.

    Mat Whitehead

    What it tastes like: ACTUALLY. NOT. THAT. BAD.

    Trust me on this one. It's an experience you're not likely to forget. Unless you have two. Then yeah you'll probably forget a lot of things.

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