23 Awesome Surprises To Hide Inside Easter Eggs

Chocolate, coins, and jellybeans, for sure. But how about upping your game this Easter?

1. Lego pieces

Open up a Lego set (one with fewer pieces will work best), divide up the pieces among eggs of the same color, and hide around the house (or outside!).

Your kid will thank you for color coding later when she tries to build the set.

2. Puzzle pieces

Same idea as above but be sure the pieces are small enough to fit inside the eggs without bending. Nobody likes bent puzzle pieces. Nobody.

(If you’re really crafty, make your own puzzle. Here’s how.)

3. Jelly beans

An Easter staple. Starburst, Jolly Rancher, and Jelly Belly are choice.

4. Hot Wheels cars

Matchbox cars work, too.

6. Super balls (aka bouncy balls)

Because they are glorious.

7. Coins

And maybe dollars. Cha-ching!

8. Arcade tokens

So your kid can be a kid.

9. Bubblegum

Get Bubblicious, Hubba Bubba, Double Bubble, Bubble Yum…

Basically anything with “Bubb” in the name. Also, Bazooka.

11. Finger puppets

12. Mini action figures

13. Stickers

Flickr: vblibrary / Creative Commons

14. Temporary tattoos

Besides helping your kid look tough, they’re also good for decorating hardboiled Easter eggs. Directions here.

15. Play-Doh or Silly Putty

16. Mini dinosaurs

Bugs, spiders, and other animals work too.

17. Those things that grow when you put them in water.

They’re awesome.

18. Hair accessories and jewelry

Clips, scrunchies, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

19. Magnets

They can even help your kids learn to spell.

20. Ear buds

Flickr: xshamx / Creative Commons

21. Pencil sharpeners

22. Nerf darts and balls

ABC / Via gifrific.com

With how easy they are to lose, you can never have enough.

23. Homemade vouchers



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