20 Reasons New Yorkers Visiting The South Feel Out Of Their Element

I have a feeling we’re not in Manhattan anymore.

1. Everywhere you go in the South, people are super polite and friendly.

New Yorkers are like, “Why is that person so nice? Is there something wrong with her?”

2. There is Waffle House.

All the rest of the country has is IHOP.

3. People buy groceries in stores with names that rhyme.

4. People walk and talk more slowly.

Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation Studios / Via theworldasiseeitx.tumblr.com

Much. More. Slowly.

5. In the winter, it’s so much warmer than New York.

This photo of South Beach was taken in the month of March.

6. Tea isn’t so much iced as it is sweet.

7. More people watch Nascar.

8. Sometimes you have company on the back nine.

Gotta play it where it lies, man.

9. We speak differently.

And cook differently.

10. There’s these things called grits.

20th Century Fox / Via imgur.com

11. Hip hop is dirtier.

Welcome to Atlanta.

12. During presidential elections, this part of the country tends to be a different color.

13. Football (high school, college, and professional) is a big deal.

14. In at least one city, beads tend to be more important than in New York.

If you close your eyes and stick out your tongue, you get beads. Obviously.

15. You have to go (slightly) farther to get to the nearest Starbucks.

“In NYC the density of [Starbucks] locations can reach as high as 150 with a radius of 5 miles!”

16. Cow tipping? It’s a thing.

Paramount Pictures

OK, maybe more of a myth, but people talk about doing it.

17. The water tastes a little…different.

Touchstone Pictures / Via imgur.com

18. Not many places are open 24/7.

19. People kind of freak out when it snows.

Lucasfilm / Via humor.about.com

20. But most importantly: Southern hospitality is a real and beautiful thing.

Y’all come back now. Ya hear!

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