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What Do You Love Most About The Philippines?

Studies have shown that Pinoys feel the most love in the world. So what do we love the most?

So the results of this Gallup poll say that the citizens of the Philippines feel the most love on a daily basis in the world.


The study says 93% of Filipino people report feeling loved — ranking at first place — while Rwanda and Puerto Rico come in at second and third.

After all, when you consider pretty much everyone you know as family, love is definitely all around in the Philippines!

Maybe we love our delectable cuisine the most, or the beautiful landscape of all 7000+ islands, or the vibrant culture we experience everyday.


But BuzzFeed Philippines wants to know: What do YOU love the most about the Philippines?

And more importantly — why?

Share what and why in the comments below for the chance to be featured on BuzzFeed!


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